scaffold system

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  • Vertical standard

    Size Est.weight
    1’6”(500mm) 7.27lbs (3.30kg)
    3’3”(1000mm) 12.1lbs (5.50kg)
    4’9”(1500mm) 17.1lbs (7.80kg)
    6’7”(2000mm) 22lbs (10.00kg)
    8’6”(2500mm) 27lbs (12.24kg)
    9’10’’(3000mm) 32.1lbs (14.60kg)
  • Regular ledger

    Size Est.weight
    2’2’’( 650mm) 7.16lbs(3.25kg)
    3’10’’(1150mm) 11.68lbs(5.30kg)
    5’2’’(1570mm) 14.98lbs(6.80kg)
    7’0’’(2130mm) 19.3lbs(8.80kg)
    10’0’’(3050mm) 25.7lbs(11.70kg)
  • double ledger

    Size Est. weight
    5’2”(1570mm) 26lbs (11.82kg)
    7’0”(2130mm) 35lbs (15.90kg)
    10’0”(3050mm) 50lbs (22.70kg)
  • truss ledger

    Size Est. weight
    10’0”(3050mm) 80lbs (36.40kg)
    14’0”(4260mm) 92.23lbs (41.84kg)
    17’0”(5180mm) 109.98lbs (49.89kg)
    21’0”(6390mm) 127.75lbs (57.95kg)
  • Bay brace

    Size Est.weight
    2’2’’(650mm) 21lbs(9.60kg)
    3’10’’(1219mm) 10.8(4.90kg)
    5’2’’(1524mm) 13.44lbs)6.10kg)
    7’0’’(2130mm) 16.97lbs(7.70kg)
    10’0’’(3050mm) 22.57lbs(10.24kg)
  • base collar

    Est weight
    4 lbs   (1.81kg )
  • side bracket

    Size Est weight
    24’’ 13.22lbs (6kg )
  • heavy duty caster

    material PU+Cast Iron
    size 8’’ ( 200mm)
    Loading capacity 794lbs ( 360kgs)
  • 10′ aluminum Ladder

    Size Est weight
    17’’x10’(400mmx3048mm) 22 lbs   (10kg )
    For more information of the aluminum ladder, please click the link.
  • wedge clamps

    pictures Size Est. weight
    IMG_6487 Right angle 2’’ to 2’’ 3.5lbs (1.6kg)
    IMG_6482 Swivel2’’ to 2’’ 3.5lbs (1.6kg)
    IMG_6487 Right angle   2’’to 1 5/8’’ 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
    IMG_6482 Swivel 2’’ to 1 5/8’’ 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
    IMG_6484 Sleeve clamps 3.3lbs (1.5kg)
  • Eye Bolt

    Size: Dia.11.2mm* 180mm( L)/ dia.4.5mm

    For more information , please click the link.

  • aluminum tower stair for system scaffold

    Size Est.Weight
    Stair for 6’6’’(H)x7’ (L)   system scaffold 50 lbs
    Inner handle 7 lbs
    Outer handle 11lbs
  • scaffold rack

    Weight 101lbs( 45.9kg)
  • Scaffold Basket

    Size 40’’(W)x53’’(L)x41’’(H)

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